QPS to open an investigation into the mutilation of domestic animals

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Despite a recent spate of animal mutilations in the scenic rim, no investigation is currently underway to find the perpetrators. 

The Queensland Police Department has refused to heed the call of the local community to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter. The official response from the Cunungra police station is that the incidences are the result of wild dog attacks. This theory does not correspond with the supporting evidence. 

Animals, both domestic pets and native fauna, have been discovered in varied states that incite strong suspicion of human involvement. I.e, decapitatation, cleanly cut shapes in flesh, arrow head entry holes, bodies disposed of in drains, human reminants alongside deceased body. Just to name a few. 

None of the discovered animals appear to have been eaten which is in contrary to most animal attack situations. 

The QPS needs to conduct a proper investigation into this matter and put a stop to this sick behaviour. The vile human beings involved must be brought to justice.