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Jon Hubbard, Arkansas House of Representatives: Resign for Your Racist and Ignorant Comments

Jon Hubbard, R-75, states in his book "Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative" that slavery, and all the systematic physical torture, rape, unpaid servitude, enforced ignorance, separation of family, and being sold like cattle that it entails, was actually a "blessing in disguise" for African-Americans. He then states that the racial integration of young people is bad for education, African-Americans do not contribute to society, and compares the rise of Christianity in the U.S. to Hitler's rise to power (in a positive way!) Somebody who holds this reactionary, racist views that are a complete denial of human rights and U.S. history has no place in our government. Join with me in calling Jon Hubbard to resign.


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    Jon Hubbard

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