Speed Bumps On Southvale Drive

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Children, and residents on Southvale Drive are negatively affected by the speed of cars, lack of abiding to stop signs, and heavy traffic they experience on the street. It also affects the residents of surrounding streets who cross it to get their children to their schools, play dates, camps, parks and sports events. 

Transportation needs to get a petition from the affected households for the speed bumps. After that, Transportation staff would conduct a study to see if the intersection meets warrant criteria such as volume of cars. They would then report to Community Council with recommendations. If Council approves the speed bumps staff would go ahead with the installation, subject to favorable poll results which would be conducted by City Clerks.

In addition to this, Councillor Jon Burnside has also requested Transportation staff to designate this section as Community Safety Zone considering its proximity to Rolph Road school. This request will be considered as part of the next round of Community Safety Zone implementations. However, this will not be able to get approved until next year. 

It is imperative that something is done to decrease the speed of which cars drive on Southvale Drive before an accident occurs in which someone is seriously injured. It is especially dangerous due to the fact that this is an area where a lot of children reside on the street and the surrounding area, and use it to cross to get their schools, parks etc. This is a residential neighborhood full of schools and children - cars should be abiding by the speed limit, stopping at the stop signs and watching out for children getting to and from school. Speed bumps will help decrease the speed in which they are driving and allow drivers to notice the stop signs and that there are children and families using these cross streets to go about their daily lives.