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Jon Bon Jovi: Please make Hugh McDonald a official Bon Jovi Member!

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During the last 20 years and since Alec John Such departure, Hugh McDonald has been working for Bon Jovi writing almost all the Bass Line stuff and he has been unconditional to the group no matter what. But he has not been recognized as an official member of Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi prefer to make the bass position officially vacant, even that Hugh has been the most productive and professional bass player that I have ever seen in my life.


Bon Jovi is always left out of publicity, photo shoots, and during recent tours, he has been in the back, almost in the shadows, and I think that he deserves more than that, and the band even make videos without Hugh, making the band look incomplete without a Bass Player.

This is a formal petition to Jon Bon Jovi to make Hugh Mcdonald the offiicial bass plaeyer of Bon Jovi and it doesn't matter if he will be the sixth or seventh member, the most important thing is that he deserves to be in the pictures, in the gallery, and there is a lot of people who loves him, respect him, and have the same way of me that we need justice to Hugh. He has been doing much more than Alec and Bon Jovi is not a mafia or innership family: Bon Jovi is worldwide and as a paying customer and fan, who has bought Bon Jovi albums and went to concerts, I consider Hugh an official member of Bon Jovi and I am asking justice for Hugh.

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