Stricter Laws Against Forest Burning in Indonesia

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What is the problem?

The Southeast Asian Haze has been a persistent problem caused by the illegal slash-and-burn of peatlands in Indonesia for pulp, paper, and palm oil production. It has caused billions of dollars in damages for the governments of Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The Haze is not only detrimental to the health of millions, but also stagnates economic growth and contributes to global warming. 

What do we want?

The Indonesian government MUST take a stronger stance against the burning of these lands. How?

  1. The government should impose harsher consequences on companies/farmers involved in these illegal burnings.
  2. The government should introduce a standard reward/incentive system to encourage communities to be vigilant and truthful about those who break the law.
  3. The government should be clear to its bureaucracy and law enforcement that corruption will not be tolerated.

We acknowledge that the Indonesian government, under Pak Jokowi's regime, has imposed better laws against burning forests. Several major companies have been prosecuted and punished for contributing to the fires, especially in 2015. However, the haze still persists each year, and thus, we are determined to show just how imperative it is that the government impose stricter laws and more efficient systems to prevent these fires from breaking out again.

~ This petition is started by Natasha Simadibrata and Ryan Lee. We are two Columbia University students majoring in Sustainable Development and passionate about making a difference in our home countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore ~