Stop Means Testing Carers Allowance

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We the Carers of Ireland are tired of being maraginlised, ignored and abused by a social welfare system that keeps the work we do hidden from the general public.

We save the state 10 billion a year. 

We would like at least, some of the relentless form filling to stop.

We ask the Government, to finally acknowledge the work we do and remove means testing from Carers Allowance.

Removing means testing can at least ensure we are receiving some form of financial support for the work that we do.

We are not second class citizen who's income depends solely on what our partners earn. 

We are human beings working endless hours for little to no pay, who have to fight every day for the needs of those we love. 

Now it's time to fight for ourselves too. 

Please show your support for Carers by signing and sharing this petition. 

Anyone can become a Carer, it's time to change how we are treated.