Help Us Create A Safer Boulder: Tell Our City Leaders They Must Take Action Now

Help Us Create A Safer Boulder: Tell Our City Leaders They Must Take Action Now

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Why this petition matters

Started by Safer Boulder

We are Boulder residents who believe that having a reasonably safe and clean city, where laws are enforced, is a fair expectation. Our city leaders seem to have different priorities, which we cannot understand. We are witnessing troubling changes in our small city that degrade quality of life and jeopardize public health and safety for all: Increased levels of theft, burglary, organized crime, assault, harassment, vandalism, drug use, discarded needles, human waste, and environmental damage in our public places. Our bike paths, playgrounds, parks, and other outdoor amenities have become unsafe for Boulder families and visitors. Our local economy is at risk. Public morale is suffering. Our citizens and business owners deserve better. We urgently need our city leaders to respond to public concerns and take action. We need to create a Safer Boulder!

Please join us and sign this petition if you agree.

We petition the Boulder City Council, City Manager, and Police Chief to:

1)    Fully enforce the urban camping ban, prevent illegal camping in the City of Boulder, and promptly remove any and all encampments.

2)    Step up use of the Homeless Outreach Team to channel eligible individuals into the Coordinated Entry program and communicate Boulder’s laws clearly to those who are ineligible or decline to accept available resources and shelter.

3)    Increase police patrols and police presence on the Pearl Street Mall, Boulder Creek Path, and other city bike and pedestrian paths, parks, and public spaces, via foot and bike patrols. Increase police patrols in residential neighborhoods, especially at night and during high-crime hours.

4)    Better protect our business community, tourism, schools and universities, and local economy from the detrimental effects of crime, illegal drugs, litter, and other environmental and health hazards that have overtaken our city.

5)    Hear public concerns and be responsive and accountable to citizens. Provide greater transparency and create opportunities for community involvement in crafting long-term solutions to complex problems that plague our community.

Safer Boulder
(Hundreds of concerned citizens and businesses in Boulder, CO).



9,457 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!