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Join the fight to end the double-standard in advertising.

There's a double-standard in advertising. ABC Nightline recently reported about how Zestra® (a clinically proven, topically applied product that increases female sexual satisfaction) advertising has been turned down by many TV stations & networks, radio stations, websites and even Facebook - the very same places that incessantly run male sexual health advertising. 

Since the report, more women than we can count have emailed and Facebooked that they can't believe this kind of double standard is happening in 2010!  And that they want to take action!  So we have created this petition to END THE DOUBLE- STANDARD IN ADVERTISING. We want EQUAL RIGHTS for AROUSAL.

Please join us!  By adding your name to this petition, you will help gain equal access to National and Local TV, Radio and Print advertising for women's products!  We will not rest until women have the same access as men. Imagine - we could see advertising for a women's product even on the Super Bowl!

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