Campaign to re-open Acton FGM clinic

As you know the Acton clinic has now closed and the service is not being replaced like for like. We are worried that the people in power do not appreciate that the care of FGM survivors is key to ending FGM in the UK. We are not giving up. We want to make sure that vulnerable young women with FGM have CHOICE. Many women are too shy to visit their GP, let alone attend a hospital-based service. That is why the Acton clinic was so important. After the election we will start a new petition. 

Help us End FGM


This petition will be delivered to:
  • Nicola Blackwood MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health & Innovation
  • Member of Parliament for Ealing Central and Acton
    Rupa Huq
  • Member of Parliament and Financial Secretary (HM Treasury)
    Jane Ellison

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