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Demand for Safety and Pedestrian Infrastructure at River Dell Elementary School

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There is an overwhelming problem that lies with the lack of safety at River Dell Elementary.  During drop off and pick up of students, both buses, passenger vehicles, day care buses, and pedestrians, face danger head on.  There is no designated cross guard, no traffic signals, no crosswalks, no sidewalks, and there have been multiple car and bus accidents due to the unsafe conditions. Because there is no walk-ability to the school (no sidewalks or crosswalks), the near and far residents are forced to either bus or drive their children to school. With the overpopulation of the school, this forces hundreds of cars into a mass gathering with one way in, and the inevitable traffic jam in front the school and both up and down Buffalo Rd.

We have presented at the Johnston County Commissioners Board meetings, created petitions that generated 100's of signatures, (this will be the second), met with the NCDOT, talked with BOE members, got the speed limit lowered from 55 to  35 MPH, got WRAL to report on the safety issues, and much much more.  Last year early 2016, the NCDOT had a plan in place to fix all these problems, but the neighboring developer, Flowers Plantation, refused to align with the plan, by not allowing access to one of their private roads, for access to rear of the school.  The developer has claimed they have an alternate plan but since early 2015 have yet to meet to fix this problem, or present this plan.

The NCDOT plan is all encompassing, and have explained that unless the developer's plan is all encompassing, and not just their wishes, they are not willing to entertain other ideas. The NCDOT plan would help queue the buses and vehicle traffic through the rear of the school via access through River Dell Towns Rd. The queuing would be resolved to the grounds of River Dell, help promote pedestrian access, and eliminate the cluster we currently have, and eliminate most traffic off of Buffalo Rd.

With the school currently over 1000 kids, and max pop. is approx 700, you can see where the majority of traffic comes from, vehicles. And 300 more students having to be mobilized to and from the school. The other solution we have been given (by county officials), is to redistrict to Meadows in Benson. That is approximately 45 minutes away. This is not a solution, this is a punishment. We are holding Johnston County and the BOE accountable as well as the developer, for basically ignoring the situation, that they are ALL aware of. This comes down to politics.

Please take the time to sign this petition to remind our county and state officials of how dangerous this predicament is. How many more accidents have to happen? Will it ultimately take someone's death to get resolve? Would you be OK with redistricting as the solution? 

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