Petition Johnson & Johnson to go biodegradable/no animal testing

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As one of the biggest baby care producers in the world, Johnson&Johnson could influence other companies to go biodegradable and no animal testing. This picture shows the damage to sewer systems from just one product WET WIPE'S either stop using them or don't flush them. Johnson&Johnson make them biodegradable please.

Johnson&Johnson generate single use plastic but, they can lead the way forward to saving our planet from the single use plastic that is causing catastrophic killing of our world through ocean plastic pollution to huge landfill. This  ensuring a better future for the new generations they create their products for. 

Everything is now in place and scientific evidence shows that animal testing is no longer needed. Please stop using animals for testing your products Johnson&Johnson, you don't need to test on animals any more. As a world wide giant in production of so many products, you can show other companies it can be done.

Lead the way Johnson&Johnson and save millions of lives, and our beautiful planet in the process. My granddaughter is 9 years old and is asking you to change the way you do things for her and her children's children!