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Permanently discharge King County Sheriff's department detective Richard Rowe

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On August 16th, 2017, motorcyclist Alex Randall was approached by a man with a gun. That man was off duty King County Sheriffs detective Richard Rowe. Rowe, in plain clothes, did not identify himself as a police officer when he approached Randall with his gun drawn. Rowe unlawfully held the motorcyclist at gun point during an unwarranted traffic stop for nearly 10 minutes accusing Randall of speeding and reckless driving until Randall revealed the interaction was being filmed. Rowe then put his weapon away and asked Randall to move to the side of the road. Randall was never issued any formal citation for the accused act. Richard Rowe is a prime example of the type of individuals we do not need acting as police officers in our communities. Please help me convince Sheriff John Urquhart that Richard Rowe is a liability to the state and the people and to dishonorably discharge him immediately.

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