Loud pipes save lives. What we do to our vehicles is our way of expressing ourselves.

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Offending drivers should not be 'fined heavily' for causing disturbances.

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If you are a fellow enthusiast like me, you know we can't let a few bad apples ruin our community.

Why control something that people do to express themselves? As car enthusiasts, we like to build and customize what we like and what suits us. I get that there's some people that have no care in the world. But this effects the whole car and bike community. Trust me when I say we hate it just as much as you do but it's not fair to us just because of a few bad apples. By doing things like this kills people's passion and makes it so much harder for people to do what we love and express themselves the only way they know how To.

My car is who I am. Spent countless hours researching, building, perfecting they way I want it to be; Only to have a law come into effect making it so I can't drive what I have been working so hard on for over 10 years. Definitely not fair.