The modern Canadian education system needs to change for the better

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personally, the modern education system is not fun nor entertaining for students all across Canada. Although there are some students that enjoy stressing out over a test or a task that they must complete but there is a great number more that do not enjoy the anxiety and stress of school. I say, there should be a choice on how our educational needs should be met. Not everyone is the same so it is important we are all taught differently. Two things that would not only help educate students but also be very fun is for the kids is a pool (for Physical education) and a cinema/Television set (for Educational movies or documentary. Art, singing, and dancing are just some things that are very educational and fun. This video describes it all School shouldn't just be about learning but also how to have a good and happy life. No more homework. Homework is scientifically proven to have negative effects on students. They stay up all night and get no sleep. They can't get help if something is poorly explained. Does that sound like learning to you? some things that are taught are garbage and will not help you succeed in life at all. Some very important things are not taught in school at all like how to make money online or how to take care of a child. lastly, some significant tools are being blocked, like social media (for news) and phones or laptops! Well, I thank youtube for teaching me so many ways to do things. Youtube should also be brought to light in class and tech should be taught. thank you for hopefully signing this petition. This is Lucas from district 69 signing off.

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