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Supporting WI Assembly Bill 666 making gratification with an animal a felony charge

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Under current law, it is a Class A misdemeanor for a person to commit an act  of sexual gratification involving his or her sex organ and the sex organ, mouth, or anus of an animal, or involving his or her sex organ, mouth, anus, or other body part and the sex organ of an animal.

If Assembly Bill 666 is passed into law it would become a class H felony to have sexual contact with an animal, to promote sexual contact with animals, to coerce another to have sexual contact with an animal, or to advertise, harbor, transport, provide, or obtain an animal for the purpose of having sexual contact with the animal. In addition, it is a Class F felony to force, coerce, entice, or encourage a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual contact with an animal or a Class G felony if the child is over the age of 13 but under the age of 18. It is also a Class F felony to have sexual contact with an animal in the presence of a child under the age of 13 or a Class G felony if the child is over the age
of 13 but under the age of 18. In additional, all felony classifications are increased for second or subsequent violations and if the violation results in the mutilation, disfigurement, or death of an animal.

AB 666 is currently at the hands of the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, in order for the bill to go further in the house it has to be passed by the Assembly to get to the Senate, passed by the Senate, looked over to make sure no changes need to be made to the bill, then sent to the desk of the Govenor. I have this petition being sent to Representative Spiros, Representative Kremer who hold the chair and vice chair on the Assembly Committee as well we Governor Scott Walker. 

It is with hope that by receiving enough signatures from the people of Wisconsin that the Wisconsin State Assembly, Senate, and Governor see how crucial it is that our state has a much harsher punishment for these sexual predators so they do not continue having the chance to repeat offend or possibly move on to more horrific acts. 

It is clear with the recent lack of sentence Sterling Rachwal received the law needs to become more strict so the judge can make a harsher ruling. The people of WI are at their ends with the lite punishments on people who sexually abuse animals, because even though Rachwal has been a repeat offender of the crimes where he sexually gratified himself with horses since the 1980s - he still only received probation with the current law. 

Let's come together and help get justice for the abused horses/owners of the horses by pushing for Assembly Bill 666 to become a law! 

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