Investigation by Royal Commission into 2018 BC Wildfires and response.

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We NEED major change in the way we fight fires. This is the second year of untold wildfire disasters in our province, how many times do the we have to burn before the government learns the lesson! We cannot keep going through catastrophic fire seasons like this any more.

We need a Investigation by Royal commission to ensure the government learns the lessons we all learned.  This only Scratches the surface! 

-mismanagement of incident 

•camp located hours away/ lack of logistical strategy 

•turning away of crucial equipment due to lack of experience in overhead teams

•abondoning defendable areas due to lack of knowledge 

•inefficiencies due to over regulation(ie Worksafe)

•turning away fire fighting equipment, operators and support equipment that were already working on the fire.

•There was millions of tax dollars wasted which must be accounted for

•damaging gaps in communication 

•fauliure to react to changing conditions

•Postponing fire rehab until following spring, causing environmental damage to waterways.

-Inhumane Treatment of citizens and breaches of Basic Human Rights

•Starving out Policy of citizens fighting fire

•stopping resupply of basic necessities and firefighting supplies to farm crews

•RCMP Bulling tactics example: demanding dental records/threats to arrest

•Using high stress tactics to control population