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Remove Mueller end special investigation

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We , the people, are demanding Special prosecutor Mueller be removed and Trump Russia special investigation be terminated.

To date there has been no evidence of collusion between President Trump administration and Russia or obstruction of justice. James Comey testified President trump was never under Instigation. Democrats have publicly stated they have not seen or know of any evidence of collusion. This entire story was fabricated to derail presidency and falsely accuse him of any charges including obstruction.

Only obstruction to impeded any progress by President has resulted. There is an all out effort to remove the President from office out of hatred and to continue the Obama effort of globalism and making the USA an islamic nation,  destroying the country for an agenda of a handful of people.

Mueller has close ties to Jim Comey in relation to work and friendship Mueller has hired democrat lawyers who made large donations to Clinton Campaign. More recently he was heard making comments to aid Comey and go against the president. Furthermore this investigation will cause continued obstruction , detract from the job of ruining the country and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

The special prosecutor and investigation at this point is no longer needed.
There is no evidence of collusion, no obstruction of justice and no interference of election that has changed the outcome. We have a plethora of fake news, false accusations and supposition form misguided ill informed people acting upon hatred and hearsay. Testimony and statements by various politicians, former intel agency heads, FBI and others have stated there is no evidence of Russia Trump ties or collusion.

Signing this petition is a big step in letting the White House and congress know you want to take action and end this investigation.

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