DON'T LOCK UP OUR VICTORIAN HIGH COUNTRY! Keep Australia's bush open for all Australians.

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Leave our Parks and Forests alone! The Green’s proposed plans for a Great Forest National Park will ultimately lead to locking bush lovers, workers and users out.

The proposal to add another 355,000 hectares of protected forests to the existing 170,000 hectares of National Park in Victoria’s High Country will effectively create a giant national park with all the restrictions that brings, Restricted camping and travelling, no forestry tracks, no prospecting, no fishing, no dogs and no hunting. Parks Victoria doesn’t have the resources to manage such a huge area - tracks will be gated and access will only be granted to ‘environmentalists and researchers’, developers will be granted land for ‘Eco Tourism’ projects, effectively making it hard for the great majority of ordinary Australian families. As taxpayers, we’ll be paying to have our own shared lands confiscated. We’re all in favour of protecting our native flora and fauna but the National Parks experience has proven to amount to locked gates, restricted access and the bad management. 

We people who spend time in the bush know how ridiculous city based greens management is. It’s all theory, not bush based practice. Rather than controlled hunting of feral animals, they propose aerial baiting with 1080 - anyone who’s seen the results of that knows how cruel it can be. No fires or picking up firewood means huge areas building massive fuel loads. And closed, unmaintained tracks means no way of fighting the bushfires. Unbelievably, green academics say shutting people out will help promote tourism in rural areas and promote spiritual nourishment! These people are dangerously out of touch with the realities of the bush and the chosen recreations of the bulk of Australians. 

We’ve all seen this before. Show your support by signing this petition - with enough numbers we can hold this country open for the benefit of all Australians, not just the privileged city-based greens. Once it’s a National Park, we’ve lost it forever.

John "Roothy" Rooth