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Declare non-refundable pet fees and deposits for apartments illegal.

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Blanket non-refundable pet fees and rental rates for apartment renters are unacceptable. Please support this petition to make it illegal to charge apartment residents non-refundable pet deposits upon move in, and to charge rent for the pets each month.

It is now customary for many apartments to charge a $250 or more non-refundable pet deposit when moving a pet into your apartment. Additionally, many apartments also charge a "pet rent" of $10 or more each month. Many of these rates are per pet, and must be paid for each pet that lives with you.

What does this money go towards?

Is my small cat going to cause as much damage as that large dog?

Why should I be penalized for providing a home and sustenance for my pet?

These are all questions that myself, many other pet owners and would-be pet owners have all asked before when faced with these facts of owning a pet.

The truth is that while yes, some pets cause enough damage for an entire pet deposit to be used, others do no more damage than leave their dandruff in the carpet - something that is probably going to be cleaned by your management (and charged to you, not taken out of your non-refundable deposit or fee) when you move anyways.

There is no reason to charge blanket non-refundable fees for any pet, because each pet is different. Owners should receive unused portions of their deposits back after moving.

In addition to non-refundable deposits, apartments also charge rent for pets. Several years ago, my pet cost me $10 additional rent each month. At my previous and now current apartment, the pet costs $20 additional each month.

Why do I have to pay each month for my pet?

What does my pet cost the apartment complex each month?

Do I have to pay for a roommate to live here? (No.)

What about a child? (No.)

How is it okay to charge me, then, for an animal to live with me after also charging me a pet deposit?

The answer is that this practice is not okay, and it is not just. It makes it more difficult to find an economically comfortable/affordable place to live, and discourages would-be pet owners from buying or adopting pets that need a home.

For all of the reasons listed above, I request that the State of Florida declare such non-refundable deposits to be illegal, as well as the practice of charging additional rent per pet.

In their place, apartments should be able to collect refundable pet deposits which are to be returned in the same manner as apartment security deposits are returned at the end of a lease.

To give you an idea of my own rates – at my current apartment complex, I am required to pay a $500 non-refundable pet fee as well as $20 each month in pet rent. For a 12 month lease, that will total $740. The $500 deposit covers up to 2 animals, but if I had a second animal, I would still have to pay additional pet rent for them. This would mean I would have to pay $40 each month on top of the $500 fee, totaling $980 for a 12 month lease.

Please support this petition. Please support the right to own pets in apartments without exorbitant fees and rates.

If you do not live in Florida, please still support this petition. Many of these unfair fees and deposits exist in other states as well. Help this issue become known. Help this issue change.

Thank you.

(The cat pictured is my own cat, Smokey.)

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