Save our "Forest"

Save our "Forest"

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Being a current student at Macquarie university who lives on campus I live right next to a green space known as "the forest".

This area is a wonderful area that supports an abundance of native Australian wildlife such as the powerful owl, yellow crested cockatoos, tawny frog mouth, possums, kookaburras, ibises, a wild beehive, pink galahs and many more species. The trees found here are important due to their age which means that there are lots of hollows that native animals can live in and breed.

Currently, the university is planning to remove these trees because of the potential risk of tree fall or branches. I would like to stop this from happening due to the shear abundance and diversity of native Australian birds and wildlife that rely on this park for food, shelter, and nesting sites for their chicks. 

Many species which are already struggling in our increasingly urbanized environments will continue to decline in numbers if we don't preserve woodlands like these today and into the future.