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John Lynch, former Buc great and current Niners GM must change his name

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In this greatest age of racial discord, the NFL is most visibly one of the most racist institutions in the United States.  Owners blackballing recent Super Bowl quarterback Colin Kaepernick over his daring to protest the National Anthem is one example.  Another may be the disgusting name of the team from Washington DC (which cannot be repeated here because it is a vile slur).

Enter John Lynch, who played strong safety for many years for Tampa Bay.  (Mild trigger warning- that team's mascot is also somewhat racist.)  He played a few years for the Denver Broncos, and now is the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers.  Given that the NFL is 74% African-American, Mr. Lynch's surname is an affront to all those who play the game.  Perhaps it is unintentional, and maybe his ancestors were acting in good faith when they chose the name.  But in today's society it is a clear threat.

How can anyone take San Francisco or its GM seriously, without the fear and hatred that his mere name provokes?  It is a minor cost that surely can be compensated by his massive salary with the team.  He is free to change his name to something more noble and befitting of white people, like Kennedy, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt or Rothschild.

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