Petition Calling for John Holic to Resign as Mayor of Venice, Florida

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In the wake of the #MeToo scandals, a photo emerged to the wider community of the Mayor of Venice, Florida, John Holic, groping a woman. Instead of apologizing to the community at-large and especially to women, Mayor Holic instead chose to broadcast phony excuses. 

(1) Mayor Holic claims that he was “set-up” or that this was some sort of conspiracy by his political oppponents. This is simply impossible. He was not forced to get out of his chair, or pose for photos. His hand couldn’t have been placed on the woman’s breast as he claims because the woman’s “placing hand” had a bottle in it. 

(2) Mayor Holic claims that it wasn’t a breast but a balloon. The fact that he knows this is proof that he indeed groped the woman. How could he tell if it was a balloon or not if he didn’t give it a firm grasp? Also, the grievance is not if it was a groping but the grievance lies in that the behavior is unbecoming of a public official. This also exempts the fact that the woman seemed to enjoy it.

(3) Mayor Holic claims that he had been drinking. Millions of people enjoy glasses of wine every day and don’t grope women. How drunk was Mayor Holic? Does he need to join an AA group?

In sum, we, the undersigned, are calling on John Holic to resign as mayor of Venice, Florida for behavior unbecoming of the office. The people of Venice are tired of having low standards of their politicians. At the very least, the Venice City Council should open an ethics investigation on Mayor Holic as his excuses don’t add up. Mayor Holic has a checkered history with women already—this latest photo caused great harm to the image of the City of Venice and its people. Mayor Holic’s subsequent interviews and line of excuses are simply despicable. Not only are they disrespectful to women, but to all decent people of the City of Venice.

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