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The laws on dog breeding just aren't strict enough.

Now, we all might be well aware that the government intends to impose new laws restricting the sale of puppies under 8 weeks old, restricting the number of litters a breeder can produce, and making it a legal requirement for breeders to apply for a licence if they wish to breed more than a certain amount of litters.

But what about the odd irresponsible dog owner who just decides to pay for a stud and let it mate? What about the irresponsible dog owner who lets their two pet dogs mate, because you know, they both seem ok? What about the irresponsible dog owner who's bought a poorly bred dog, and yet knowing their pets history still lets it mate? What about greyhounds purposely bred (most actually inbred) for racing? What about designer dogs poorly bred for people willing to pay a small fortune? What about all those poor dogs just purposely bred to make an absolute fortune, even though they could have serious mental and physical health problems? Why are people allowed to breed dogs that have serious aggression in their bloodlines? Why are people allowed to breed dogs with specific characteristics that make the litter more likely to suffer? How many more dogs with poor mental and physical health do we need to lose before something changes?

Each of the above, a quick and easy money making scheme with no regard for the unborn puppies welfare. No consideration given to the behavioural problems that any one of that litter could have. No consideration given to the physical wellbeing of the puppies. No consideration given to the stress and trauma then placed upon the new owner of that puppy. Or the lifetime of mental agony for that puppy. The pain it might have to suffer as a result of inbred health conditions.

I wish for our government to make it law that every human being has to apply for a licence to breed/mate their dogs, regardless of whether they are a registered breeder or they just 'fancy' mating their pets. I wish to also request that as part of the law, pets for sale sites are taken down and made illegal, to lessen the chances of this happening.

If people need to rehome a pet, seek the proper advice and go down helpful channels such as rescue centres, or contacting the RSPCA. If people are registered and licensed breeders, and breed healthy, look after dogs, then they will more than likely have their own website. Someone after a quick money maker won't take time to do this.

Don't buy from these breeders/irresponsible dog owners you say? Do you know the likely outcome for a litter of pups that are unwanted/can't be sold? Think about it. We have a money hungry 'breeder'. Puppies cost a lot of money. Especially during their first 8 weeks of life. If the breeder can't sell them, what do you think will happen to the majority? Where do you think they will end up? Here are some answers:

* In the wrong hands
* With another irresponsible dog owner
* Pound
* Tied to a tree
* Dumped in a box on the street
* Killed

This is as real as it gets. One of the more positive outcomes is that a pup could end up with someone like me. Here's my story and here's exactly why I'm starting this petition....

We have a 4 and half year old Sharbull. We decide to seek out a companion for her in the form of a Staffy having fully researched their breed.

Unexpectedly we find our little soulmate Barry in the hands of an irresponsible dog owner, uncared for, not wormed, flead, or microchipped. His younger sibling looked close to death in this house of horrors. We couldn't leave that house without taking our Barry, and my god I wish we could have rescued them all from that hell hole. But nonetheless I contacted the RSPCA to report them, and hopefully the other pups won't have suffered like Barry, but who knows.

Barry had been mindlessly poorly bred by this poor excuse of a human being. We never got to see the poor aggressive mother only by way of a photo. We only got to see the protective aggressive father. The vet said it was a strong possibility that Barry was actually inbred, and regardless, his behaviour would be totally unpredictable. But, on we continued, trying to give Barry the life he deserved.

Barry started to show signs of aggression from a very early age, albeit small signs but they were there. So we researched, and researched again. We trained him, cared for him, and loved him in the exact same way that we had with our older dog. Barry then bit a child. Then the fights started between him and our older dog. Then he bit someone else close to me, a loyal and loving person whom Barry had seen and interacted with every single day since we brought him home.

So then comes the intense research. Why is he being like this? What can we do to change this behaviour? Well believe me when I say, we tried absolutely everything. Everything in the books, everything not in the books. Our Barry was slowly losing his mind. He would have his good days, but they were getting less and less, and the fights and aggressive outbursts were getting more and more.

On the last day of Barry's life, we witnessed the most horrific aggression we've ever seen in a dog. I won't go into details as it's unbelievably distressing.

We had to take the advice we'd received, and with heavy hearts we had to agree to have our barely 9 months old euthanised. We stayed in the room with him, there was no way we were going to abandon him. So there he was, on the vets table, muzzled and ready to take his last journey to doggy heaven. I could feel the pain and fear in his eyes when he looked at me. My heart was in a million pieces and I was hysterically screaming inside trying to understand all this. I watched as the pain and hurt disappeared from his eyes. I watched as the love came back into them, and he looked at me as if I was his whole world, with complete and utter sadness.

Barry fell asleep with his head in one of my hands, while my other hand cradled his chest and felt his heartbeat slowly fade away. It was the worst day of my entire existence, but my baby boy was finally at peace. No longer suffering from only god knows what sort of mental torture. No longer in any physical pain.

And this but not this alone, ladies and gentlemen, is why I'm starting this petition. Why I wish to try and push for stricter laws on dog breeding. Why I wish for the government to put an end to unethical dog breeding altogether. Not just for my Barry, but for every other poor dog out there that's ever suffered or still is.

No dog deserves to live a life of torture. And no well-meaning human being deserves to go through the hell of having to watch their dog being put to sleep as a result of unethical dog breeding.

Please lets do something to try and make a difference!!

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