Overturn a life-threatening NHS funding decision - help 'create a new day for Dawn'.

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Dawn Conrad is a special mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to many, a truly decent, fun-loving person who enjoyed life in the outdoors, who has been a senior Director in the NHS and most importantly was and still is a keystone of family life. 

Six years ago Dawn fell severely unwell and spent 5 frightening months in hospital where they tried to stabilise her baffling condition. She returned home unable to stand or sit up for long, suffering from incredibly painful reactions due to increasing intolerance, a hospital bed was set up in her dining room. For too long, not only did Dawn have to cope with a debilitating and unidentified illness where her health was often compromised to the point of being on the brink, she also had deal with the roller-coaster of hope and loss whilst Doctors and Specialists struggled to reach a diagnosis, further hindered by a lack of communication between the various bodies involved in her care. In addition Dawn had to deal with the frustration due to her loss of independence and control and the devastation over the impact her illness was having on her family and her role as a mum.  

Just under 2 years ago, immense relief and hope came when a neurologist finally diagnosed Dawn with a very rare auto-immune disease. After further struggle and appeals to relevant bodies, a 3 month trial of Intravenous Immunoglobin (iVig), was arranged, funded by the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to the sum of £15,000. The results were miraculous and instant.  Dawn could sit up again without passing out, her voice returned and she was eventually able to walk 15 metres with a crutch. Hope returned and the future looked positive.

However, in June of this year, when Dawn was due another dose of iVig, she received the shocking news that funding could not be obtained. After submitting another request, the plea for funding was rejected, the NHS said there was no evidence that the treatment would work, despite the amazing progress made. The neurologist has said there is no other treatment and Dawn's condition has deteriorated with her state of health fading back to what it was pre-treatment, she can barely eat and can no longer talk, she is gravely ill, the family are devastated. 

Simply put, the NHS is refusing Dawn the one treatment that could give life, so the question they raise is at what cost is life? The facts are that a life-time of iVig (if that's what it takes) will cost £256,000 (assuming Dawn's condition doesn't get any worse). To keep Dawn living over the same period of time will cost the NHS £1.9 million pounds (£70,000 per year). So, not only would a life-time of iVig save a life, it would also save the NHS £1.6 million pounds...

Thank you for reading Dawn's story, your support may well over-turn the NHS's decision and help to save Dawn's life. #anewdayforDawn