Call 911 or Run? Stop this from ever being a question. Help free John Galloway, he called.

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When Johnny was 19 he was charged with the death of his best friend Jacob Czipo.

On the morning of May 18, 2017, after spending the night at his friend Jake Czipo’s house, Johnny found Jake unresponsive on the couch. Johnny called 911 and attempted to give Jake CPR in an effort to save his life. When he heard the sirens John ran outside to flag down the ambulance. Jake tragically passed away that morning of a drug overdose. In June of 2017, John was charged with the death of his late friend. He was charged with Drug Induced Homicide, a Class X Felony that carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. He has now been in McHenry County Jail for 1 year and 2 months.

Johnny is the second youngest of 6 siblings, T.J., Cory, Ellen, Gregory and Jack. He grew up in a fun, loving and caring family. He was given the same opportunities as his siblings, but at a young age became addicted to drugs and from then on his life spiraled out of control. All our lives changed the day Johnny was arrested, we each have a hole in our hearts and a pain in our guts that will not go away, we struggle each day to be positive and strive to do right by him and help set him free.

Johnny has a substance abuse disorder, he was an addict with a life that was not his own. Drug Induced Homicide was created to get big time drug dealers off the street, not to lock up and vilify fellow young addicts yet that is exactly what is happening.

We are sharing this petition to bring to light not only the unjust way the Drug Induced Homicide Charge is being handed out but also the negative consequences of charging addicts who call 911. Opioid overdose deaths have become an epidemic in our community and in our nation. It is our fear that if Johnny is convicted it will lead to more and more addicts being afraid to call 911. How many more lives will be lost? Johnny did the right thing in calling for help, and nobody should ever think twice about doing that. Don’t allow this epidemic to become worse. Addicts need help, not incarceration.

Johnny has struggled with his addiction to heroin for many years and wants nothing more than to receive help to beat his addiction while he is still young. We are asking that Johnny be given a chance and be allowed into the Drug Court Program instead of being put in prison for years. We are hoping this petition will show our elected officials that true justice would be dropping the Drug Induced Homicide charge and allowing Johnny to receive Drug Court.

Johnny is not a violent person and has no criminal record. While in jail he has been staying positive for us and keeping busy reading books and working out. He has become closer to god and we all pray daily that he will soon be set free and be given the knowledge to be away from drug use forever.

Johnny’s hope upon release is to become a counselor so he can help others addicts and their families and to save them from ruining their lives with drugs. He has already begun helping others, he had us speak at the local middle school on his behalf and help educate the students about the horrible life of drug use. He wrote them a letter detailing his life then and now and how in Johnny’s words, “Drugs bring nothing except jail, institutions or death, so please be careful, your life is much too valuable to be thrown away by using drugs.”

Prison will ruin Johnny's future and will not give him the tools he needs to stay sober and live a productive life. So please help us save Johnny’s life from years of imprisonment and therefore save lives of countless other young addicts, by sending the right message to always call 911.

Following are wonderful organizations that support individuals and families with substance abuse disorders: Liv4Lali, Drug Policy Alliance, Addiction Policy Forum, A Man in Recovery Foundation and New Directions Addiction and Recovery Services.