Fire Scott Krebs From Eldred Central School District

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Eldred School District was once an outstanding educational facility. Small class sizes and dedicated teachers meant the children had the skills they needed to further their education and lead successful lives. Now enrollment is at a twenty eight year low, the graduation rate has dropped 21% in three years, and community members are losing faith in the school. The numbers do not lie. The school has been facing many issues involving money, bullying, and hazing for at least seven years now. The school has made national headlines at least three times in seven years regarding bullying and hazing. In October of 2017 the school lost a million dollar jury verdict trial regarding bullying. One of the defendants named David Scott Krebs (former principal of Eldred Jr/Sr High School) was found negligent for the suffering of one of the students he was paid to protect. In November of 2017 Dr. Morgano (District Superintendent of Eldred) was served with a petition asking for the termination of Scott Krebs that was signed by over 300 parents and community members, and chose to reassign him to administrative duties only searching for grant money. 

In five months he has found no money from grants, yet gets paid his $129,802 salary. Tax payers now have to pay $550 a day for an interim principal. The Eldred school board reassured tax payers in November 2017 that the money spent for the interim principal was available in the budget. However, as we would come to find out in March of 2018 the district was spending thousands of tax payer dollars they did not have for years. We know this has been happening for the last five years. The school has lied to the community members and tax payers for years, at the recent board meeting they were forced to face reality. 

Something has to be done to change Eldred back to its' former glory. That will not happen by allowing this man to serve as principal to even younger students than the ones he failed to protect the first time. 

We urge you to sign our petition to help protect our children. Thank you.