Media: Do NOT cover the Christchurch shooting trial! Silence him. Ignore him. Reject him.

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Jacinda Arden has asked the media and the New Zealand public to help prevent the notoriety that the shooter seeks. He aims to raise his profile and has opted to represent himself in court. His only reasoning for denying a lawyer, and speaking for himself is to gain attention and spread his corrupted message of hate. 

However, his act of terror has failed. We have bonded together as a nation and the vibration of love has united us. We have stood together as brothers and sisters. 

We have shown the world change. We have shown the world unity. We have shown the world compassion. Now, we have a chance to do something that no other country has done before. We have a chance to "utterly reject and condemn" this man by ignoring his very existence. 

We are calling for the media to NOT cover the trial of this man. Do NOT use his name. Do NOT repeat his message. ALL we need to hear is the outcome of his punishment, the voices of the victims and the unity of our people. 

We have an opportunity to set a global example by shutting the doors on a voice of hate. Silence him. Ignore him. Reject him.

We ALL have a role to play in this by not sharing and not feeding his voice, his face or his name. 

This is not who we are...

Kia Kaha, Aotearoa