Demand Safety @ The Beat MegaClub

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Disclaimer : This petition is designed to show community support in assisting The Beat MegaClub to become safe and accessible to patrons. We accept no legal responsibility for garnering support for this change, neither do we make knowingly false claims. We want to work with the venue to make it safe and enjoyable for our community. 

This petition demands policy reformation by The Beat Megaclub, Brisbane after events taking place on Friday 6 July 2018 endangered the Queer Collaborations Conference Attendees. There was drink spiking and assault reported by multiple attendees. However, when notifying staff and security, neither would assist in the crisis. The complacency around drink spiking and assault allows it to happen and keeps rape culture alive. We demand that The Beat Megaclub, Brisbane engages in best practice by reforming and enacting its policy on managing and assisting with crisis, as well as developing policy on screening staff and patrons before they enter the venue for substances other than necessary medication.  We demand public apology. We demand reformation of policy at The Beat Megaclub.  We expect return of cover charge for the complacency of staff and security which endangered our safety. We want The Beat Megaclub to hear the voice of the community that keeps it alive, and to respond as requested, and with respect. We do not want to have to boycott The Beat Megaclub as it is one of the most iconic queer spaces in Brisbane.