Michigan Representatives: Vote to save Net Neutrality

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As of the day before writing this, the US Senate has voted in favor of a bill that will retain net neutrality laws, aka Title II, and has passed it onto the US House of Representatives. While this is a mostly Republican controlled part of Congress, what is important right now is that we set aside the idea of Republican and Democrat, that we set aside whether a law or a rule came from the Obama-era or the Trump-era, as that doesn't matter. What matters is that Net Neutrality prevents ISP's from nickel and diming their customers at every turn, although we don't know their plans for when the repeal is in effect, there is a large, large list of their offenses before Title II came around that proves that we need Net Neutrality. 

This is that list.


A good read over this list of net neutrality violations prove why we need net neutrality in effect. These offenses are not where our reasons for keeping Net Neutrality end, though. We are in fear of our internet being divided into packages, multiple sites and services being blocked unless you pay more for a specific package that enables you access to that service and/or website. We are in fear of the introduction of fast/slow lanes, something that is totally illegal under Net Neutrality laws. The American people do not want to pay extra for extra priority, website hosts and owners do not want to pay extra fees for speeds to their site to be prioritized over another, the Internet itself does not want competition to be stifled.

So, I send this letter to the Michigan Representatives who have not taken a stance in favor of the bill.

Vote in favor of the Net Neutrality bill that preserves Title II laws, the internet is already free, and the backlash and fight in favor of Net Neutrality is a fight to keep that freedom.