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Tell the JCU cafeteria to provide more vegetarian and vegan food!

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It's 2017, the world's vegetarian and vegan population is rapidly increasing, and there are numerous students and professors at JCU who follow a mostly plant-based diet, as well as many others who are sympathetic to the cruelty-free cause and keenly aware of the devastating environmental impact of the meat, fish and dairy industries. Despite this, the JCU cafeteria will, on a good day, offer only one vegetarian pasta and one vegetarian main -- compared to the seven or eight meat-based mains that are on offer every day. Vegans are usually left without any main course options, and can often eat nothing other than a vegetable side dish or salad from the salad bar, which however lacks a decent selection of healthy vegan fare, while regularly stocking cheese, eggs, tuna, shrimp, anchovies, chicken and ham.

Several of us have spoken to the cafeteria management on numerous occasions to try to obtain more veg-friendly fare, but to no avail! They are uninterested in our request, which they view as the whim of an eccentric minority rather than as the increasingly pressing and diffuse ethical and environmental imperative that it is.

On behalf of the vegetarians and vegans of JCU, I invite you to sign this petition to introduce more healthy plant-based options into the cafeteria's menu -- an important step toward meeting the dietary needs of ALL of the university's students, faculty and staff. In particular, we would like to ask the cafeteria management to ensure that there is always a vegan pasta or risotto on offer (we're in Italy, it should be so easy!) and to balance the main courses so that at least half of them can be eaten by vegetarians and a couple also by vegans (e.g. veggie burgers, falafel, seitan & tofu in their countless forms, etc). Please join us in urging the Tiber Campus cafeteria to step into the new millennium, align itself with the ethical and environmental responsibility that the university otherwise encourages, and start providing more veg-friendly food!

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