Legalize marijuana in North Carolina

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Medical marijuana is extremely beneficial in so many ways. Because of old outdated laws, these benefits are not available in our state. Other states have paved the way and shown the medical, economical, and community benefit. 

More than one study shows the medical benefits, from minor pain, eating disorders, epilepsy and even cancer. Using marijuana as an appetite builder can help someone enjoy eating again. Another type of marijuana may be used to help ease pain instead of highly addictive opioids, that cause more hurt than good. Maybe even ease chemo pains in a fragile cancer patient that can’t handle the side effects of harsh medications.

Outdated laws has caused a lot of tax revenue to me missed out on. In very easy ways our state governments could tax, license and fine residents. Other states have shown the size of market that is available with just a little bit of infustrucure. The sky is almost the limit right now.

The comunity would greatly benefit with more revenue, less opioids and related overdoses. We could save a lot in emergency sevices, even lots of lives while creating a better community. With better and more resources for teachers, communities, police, everyone.

We the state of North Carolina are behind a huge wave and we should get on board. Being a pioneering colony of our country I feel it is our duty to help lead the way and help lay the foundation for bigger legislation. Why wait, please help us change the world. Your voice matters.

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