Remove the McKinley statue and the racist plaque from the Arcata Plaza NOW!

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We the undersigned call on the City of Arcata, California to immediately take action to remove the McKinley statue and the plaque near Jacoby Storehouse from the Arcata Plaza! Standing in solidarity and recognizing Indigenous Peoples' self-determination in order to promote the sovereignty, traditions, cultures, knowledge systems, histories and respecting the homelands of all Native Nations requires concrete actions. Real social transformation mandates substantive actions that can resonate for generations. These can create significant and sustainable change. This means beginning to directly address issues of racism, discrimination, and other forms of oppression by fulfilling the following:  1)  Removing the McKinley statue from the Arcata Plaza, 2) Removing the plaque near Jacoby Storehouse on the Arcata Plaza and 3) Halting the use or misappropriation of Native Peoples' imagery, names, cultures, lifeways, spirituality, ceremonial or material aspects in reference, or by perpetuation in any form including racial slurs, imagery, sports mascots, names or commercial icons, which portray, denigrate, or characterize Indigenous Peoples, either individually or collectively.