The Vamps need to tour in North America.

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The Vamps need to tour North America, specifically the United States and Canada and including places that aren't just New York and Toronto. Our reasons for this include the following: The Vamps have many dedicated fans here who have not been able to see them since they went on tour in 2015 because they can't afford to fly to different countries to see them there, they have many dedicated fans here who have never seen them live because they either weren't able to attend the Austin Mahone tour in 2014 or their own tour in 2015, or because they discovered The Vamps after that time period. Also, there are several countries and continents including the entire United Kingdom, Australia, the Philippines, South America, etc. that have had several tours of The Vamps while North America has not. Also most North America fans have only heard songs from Meet The Vamps live and are missing out on everything from Wake Up and Night & Day. We not only find the whole situation to be unfair, but we also find the fact that we've done nothing but support The Vamps for the past years that we are well overdue for a tour and a chance to meet The Vamps and say how much they mean to us. If this demand could be met as soon as possible, we'd be overjoyed. Thank you.