Help us to find Eric Clapton‘s famous lost 1959 Les Paul "Beano" so he can play it again!

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Hi everybody.

Well, maybe I am crazy or out of my mind, but this petition is made to solve the mysterious loss of the Eric Clapton‘s famous 1959 Les Paul "Beano".

For those who do not know it, this guitar is responsible and has the merit of having changed forever the history of music. You can clearly hear it in the historic album "John Mayall and The Bluesbrakers Featuring Eric Clapton". Without it and without Clapton, probably Hendrix, Beck, Page, Van Hallen to name a few, would not have existed. And this is not an exaggeration!

It is proofed by Joe Bonamassa that the guitar still exists and it‘s safe somewhere in the USA.

„... guitarist Joe Bonamassa told the U.K.'s Guitarist magazine that he knows the location of the long-lost instrument.

"It's a '59, not a '60, it's got double-white [humbucker] in the front and it's got a double-black [in the bridge]," Bonamassa said, challenging the widespread belief that it was a '60 model. "It has a pretty plain top and it is in a collection on the East Coast of America. That's all I can tell you—and that's all I will say. It still exists and I haven't seen it, but I have it on good authority from people who have. And it's got the little 'fingerprint' by the pots and they can trace it back."

My target is that Clapton could get it back again at least for a final concert with it. He‘ve been said in an interview that he misses her so much and that it was the best Les Paul he ever played with.

Please help me in this challenge because this would be a great happy end of a long long story, about 50 years!

To see the man himself, who crated the modern guitar world as we know it, who finally could embrace the instrument which was highly responsible for that, would be amazing!

Thank you all and have a great time!

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