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Ban pet stores In Windsor Essex County from selling pets.

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After buying a dog at a local pet store in tecumseh and having to be at the vet 1-3 times a week, travelling across the border to specialists and putting all my time in effort into saving my 8 month old puppy who had been suffering since the day I brought him home, only to have him go into a coma and pass away. I am fighting to get a by-law in place to ban the sale of pets including cats, dogs and rabbits from all pet stores in the windsor essex area that are for profit! Those that sell animals from rescue animals from shelters actually care about the animals but these per stores only sell for profit with huge pricetags. Many have similar experiences at pet stores within the windsor-essex area of buying sick puppies from these pet stores who buy from puppy mills and people end up spending so much only for there animals to pass away or be very sick which for some the vet bills are way too expensive and these pet stores don't help! This needs to end! It is heartbreaking and horrible that these pet stores sell animals for profit with no care in the world about the health of the animals or where the animals come from! 

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