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Jodi Arias and Long Beach Women’s Shelter: Stop using Jodi Arias as a poster child to stop domestic abuse.

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Jodi Arias is a convicted murderer. In June of 2008 she murdered Travis Alexander in the most horrific and grisly way. When she was being interviewed by the police for Travis' murder she told the world what a wonderful and sweet man Travis was but then changed her story. Suddenly she claimed that Travis physically abused her throughout their relationship.Many people including a girlfriend who dated Travis for 5 years have testified under oath that Travis never raised his voice or abused them in any way. When Jodi was found guilty in May of 2013, a jury of her peers agreed that not only was her story of abuse by Travis completely made up but that she planned his murder. If you continue to try to raise money for abuse with Jodi's face as the "poster child" you may get a few of her supporters but the money you earn will be in Travis' blood. None of the shelters that you have said will be receiving the proceeds from these T-shirt sales have agreed to be a part of this sale and they've even gone as far as to publicly state that they want NOTHING to do with Jodi's fund raising.We ask Jodi and her "camp" to STOP this campaign against Travis Alexander's reptutation and we ask any and all abuse groups to stop associating yourself with Jodi Aria's fake campaign to raise money for abuse. Jodi is only creating more reasons for the Alexander family to sue her. By being a part of this "Abuse" claim and campaign Jodi and her supporters are announcing to the world that its okay to lie about being abused if it gets you out of trouble. There are real SURVIVORS of abuse...Real women, men and children whose very lives are in jeopardy at this very moment and the lucky ones who have and who will break  free from their abusers do NOT want to stand tall along side a liar and convicted murderer Like Arias. Don't make the real victims feel embarrassed by what they have conquered by lumping them in along side of liars like Jodi Arias!!

Just a note, Since posting this I tried to contact the named organization that Jodi said the proceeds of these t-shirt sales would go to. One of the places * Reach Beyond Domestic Violence* has vehemently denied anything to do with any selling of anything with Jodi Arias and the other organization called  Women’s Shelter of Long Beach has no idea of any fund raising through Jodi Arias. So the possibilty that this is yet another scheme has become clear. Jodi is trying to raise money for HERSELF under the guise of doing it to benefit abuse Survivors. Is anyone really surprised? See below in my updates to see articles.

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