Dutch Kills Playground Renovation

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We at Park Renovations are a non-certified nonprofit organization. We strive to improve the overall quality of parks. There are innumerable amount of parks that have many flaws and are have no plans to fix them. These issues can be very major issues such as park safety. For example, the hockey ring in the park is often dirty and filled with litter, and is rarely cleaned up. This can cause children to easily slip. In addition, the pavement is very uneven and cracked, which can cause children to easily trip. This is a major problem as it causes kids to often trip and injure themselves. Last year, a student in my class had his tooth ripped off and another had to get stitches right around their eye, as a result of this. I, myself, have also suffered damaging falls, as a consequence of the parks numerous issues. In addition, even with the parks currently being renovated, there are a lot of unfixed issues. A prime example of this being the quality of water in parks. We plan and strive to fix these issues. Furthermore, the park has a lot of waste lying around, as a result of the lack of garbage cans. In addition, parks have an enormous amount of funding, yet take so long to renovate. There are numerous inefficiencies within this process, such as within building regulations. 

We at Park Renovations are starting this petition to raise awareness for this issue, and would like the city to repave the concrete at the park, more specifically at the hockey field. In addition, the water quality issues should be resolved, and there should be more garbage cans available, to reduce waste. The renovation is not covering the most important parts, and should be sped up as it is taking an enormous amount of with minimal results.

The petition directed specifically towards Joanne Amagrande and New York City Gov Parks. They are responsible for the quality of the public parks throughout the city and the current state of Dutch Kills Playground is not suitable for the numerous amount of children using it each day.