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Keep Brominated Vegetable Oil out of our drinks!

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Around 10% of sodas sold in the U.S. contain Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO). It is used as an emulsifier to prevent citrus particles from floating to the surface of beverages. This substance is made up of a corn or soybean oil bonded with the toxic element Bromine, and is similar to other brominated compounds that are used as flame retardants. It is banned as a food additive in Europe and Japan, but continues to be allowed in drinks in the U.S. 

While the FDA removed BVO from the list of substances "generally recognized as safe" and instituted restrictions on BVO concentration, soft drinks such as Mountain Dew still contain BVO, despite evidence that it can lead to health issues such as memory loss, paranoia, skin and nerve problems, skin rashes, and an increased risk of developing various forms of cancer. While PepsiCo claimed to be working on removing this compound from all soft drinks in 2014, as of April 2017, BVO continues to be listed under the ingredients of Mountain Dew. 

If you want to help rid soft drinks of this unnecessary chemical, add your name in support of this EPA petition!

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