Give Joana Ceddia a Dog

Give Joana Ceddia a Dog

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Joana Ceddia Stan started this petition to Joana's Mother and

For far too long, Joana Ceddia has lived her life without a little dog to brighten up her life. She is tired of being rejected every time she asks the simple question of, "Can I have a dog?" We must all join the fight with Joana and stand as allies with her in this debate. By signing this petition, you are giving your full support to Joana in her quest for an animal best friends.

As a perfect scholarly citation of the benefits of having a furry best friends, I cite the movie Shrek where the protagonist, Mr. Shrek himself lives a sad lonely life alone in his swamp. One day while wandering alone in the forest he meets a loud furry animal named Donkey. At first he is greatly annoyed by this disturbance to the norm of his life, but he eventually warms up to the idea of his friend and in the end he is the better for it. His friend comes to his rescue at many times during the film. This too relates back to Joana. At first, a dog may mess up the norm of her household, but eventually all would be well, and Joana would be truly happy. I'm getting a bit off track here, but here are some specifics from her video presentation that are important for this petition.

Reasons Why Joana Should Get a Dog

1. She is a good daughter and helps her mother with the groceries.

2. Joana is an only child with no immediate family her age, and needs a pal to share with her in the loneliness. 

3. Although Joana may be allergic to dogs... HYPOALLERGENIC DOGS EXIST

4. Joana has promised to walk the dog in the "wee hours of the morning"

Types of Dogs Joana is Requesting

1. Teacup Poodles for a legally blonde moment as well as a smart and athletic dog

2. Classic Golden Retriever is beautiful, large, and can sniff out drugs

3. A Great Dane because it is big and intimidating for the haters. In the words of Joana, "this dog means business".

She is open for negotiation for other pets, but is in desperate need of a little animal to call friends. 

Please sign the petition so that her mother can see the real need in the community for Joana to receive the pet she deserves. All signatures are appreciated in the fight for friendship. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!