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Jewish Leadership Council: Hands Off the CAA!

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The Jewish Leadership Council is a charity controlled by its 12 trustees. It is the UK equivalent of the Conference of Presidents in the US. Its CEO is Simon Johnson. He earns upwards of £170,000 per annum.

Back in August Johnson made a video pouring scorn on the Campaign Against Antisemitism for a survey they published.  I took him to task here:

The video was withdrawn but there was no apology. And the JLC said ‘The JLC’s position on the report has not changed’.

Despite widespread criticism he has again poured scorn on the CAA, for undertaking a private prosecution after the Crown Prosecution Service refused to prosecute Nazim Ali, the leader of the Al Quds Day march through London, who screamed through his megaphone that “It is the Zionists who give money to the Tory Party to kill people in high-rise blocks” – blaming Zionists for the Grenfell Tower fire, in other words.

How can it ‘make matters worse’ to prosecute someone for what looks like an antisemitic Public Order offence? And what does he mean about ‘yet more fear’? That people will be more concerned if Ali is prosecuted, than if he isn’t?

Antisemitism in the UK is the worst since the end of WW2. It is by far the biggest issue facing the Jewish community.  The CAA correctly takes a ‘zero tolerance’ stance against antisemitism.  One look at their website shows how much they do (much of which is by unpaid volunteers) and they have had some notable successes (eg by undertaking a private prosecution, pressuring the CPS into prosecuting Alison Chabloz).  By twice badmouthing the CAA, Johnson appears more concerned about 'turf' (preserving the monopoly of the JLC/BOD/CST over Jewish Community matters) than about fighting antisemitism.  But monopolies are bad for consumers. Not to mention the impact of Johnson's gaffes on the morale of CAA volunteers. Not to mention that he gives the CPS a getout for failing to prosecute antisemitic offences. Not to mention that his gaffes are manna from heaven for antisemitism deniers.

By attacking the CAA Simon Johnson has lost the confidence of many in the Jewish Community. He must publicly apologise to the CAA and stop the public criticism. If he does not do this - he must be replaced. The JLC must support the volunteers of the CAA and particularly must support the CAA's private prosecution.

Please sign regardless of whether or not you are Jewish and whether or not you live in the UK. Antisemitism is everyone's problem - it must never become solely a Jewish problem!

Today: Jonathan is counting on you

Jonathan Hoffman needs your help with “JLC must support the CAA esp its private prosecution. Its CEO must apologise to CAA and undertake to cease public criticism. Zero Tolerance for Antisemitism and Zero Tolerance for Jewish Community Leaders who badmouth the CAA!”. Join Jonathan and 179 supporters today.