Change the dreads on the "buccaneer skin" for junkrat

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Recently blizzard has decided to put dreads on the new junkrat pirate skin. junkrat fans have been wanting a pirate skin for junkrat for a long time now but the. dreads ruin the skin for numerous reasons. for one thing they are racist. putting dreads on a white man is racist (and just because jack sparrow has them does not mean it isn't racist) secondly it looks lazy. it looks like they literally copied lucio's hair and put it on junkrat's. even the bandana looks similiar. thirdly a lot of junkrat fans think it looks plain ugly. and not a good funny ugly either, it just makes the skin looks worse. blizzard changed the hair on the casual hanzo skin because HIS fans complained about it being ugly. and if just looking ugly is enough for them to changed his hair then they can do the same for junkrat since his fans think it looks ugly AND racist.but apparently blizzard doesn't seem to care.

Junkrat fans have wanted a pirate skin for a long time but refuse to wear the skin BECAUSE of the dreads. the dreads ruin the entire skin.and its not likely were gonna get ANOTHER pirate skin for junkrat so if this is what were getting then i have to say that the skin is completely terrible. the dreads just ruin it.

if you could give him a rat tail or something that would be much better.