get airline companies to welcome dogs on their flights!

get airline companies to welcome dogs on their flights!

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As time flies by, flights are becoming a more common way to travel. 
Dogs have long been close friends of the homo sapiens, and are becoming more and more one of our family members. 
Young siblings, our own children. 

We see it everywhere. every pet store out there provides us with cute clothing for our furry friends, tiny shoes, diapers for the younger ones! 
We have hair and beauty salons for our 4-legged buddies.
We take them to their own playgrounds in the neighborhood, we send them to special dog-hotels, we give them showers, brush their teeth, give them expensive medical care when they need it, hug them at night, tell them "come to mommy", and the list goes on and on (and on!)

One area in which we have made little progress is taking our "bigger" fury friends with us on the flight. 

Usually a dog can join us in the cabin if he's very (VERY) small - in most airlines the dog has to weigh no more than 8kg INCLUDING THE CAGE. 
the majority of dogs weigh much more than that; leaving this possibility only to very tiny dog breeds (and cats...)

Your only other option is to put your doggy - in the cargo!
Just think how ridiculous it sounds - putting someone you love, someone you care about, someone you snuggle with in bed on cold winter nights - in the cargo! 

I know MANY people that avoid taking their doggies on vacations. honestly, I think most people do. not only that health regulations of different countries require an exhaustive process in order for our fury family members to join us - the airline companies do not make it any easier.  most people leave their beloved "fluffy" to the neighbors, or pay hundreds of dollars for them to be in a dog-hotel. 

Wouldn't it be much MUCH better if they could just.. join us? 

My husband and I take our little Jimmy (he's my emotional support dog - which is something I will talk about soon) on trips around the world, and he just adores that. people at the airport and on the airplane are super excited about having a dog to lighten their day, he's like an attraction for everybody. 

Everyone we talk to says how they would like to take their dogs with them, but they don't want to deal with this headache, or they don't want to put them in the cargo- to make them sit in the dark, all confused, anxious and ALONE.

You don't do that to a living thing that you love. 
You don't do it to anyone!

Lately there has been a real increase in the amount of people demanding their dogs to be recognized as an ESA (emotional support animal). 
Some people really do need it. they have had their little fluffy with them for so long, and he provides real service for them. service they CANNOT do without. 
Because of the grey area and lack of a real definition of what makes a dog an emotional support animal; many people abuse the loophole, and register their animal as an ESA only to avoid sending them to the cargo. this causes distrust between the airlines and the people; and makes mentally-ill people be in constant need of proving their mental issues, which causes a lot of unnecessary distress for an already vulnerable population (me among them).

But how can you really blame the people trying to register their dog as an ESA?
For most people I know, having to fly for hours knowing that their best friend is sitting in the dark; possibly in danger; DEFINITELY in distress - makes for a very uneasy experience, possibly one that they would rather avoid. 
One that most people do choose to avoid. 

With this petition we will let the airlines know that we are willing to do anything to have our fury family members with us on the cabin like they deserve. let dogs that are bigger than a chihuahua join us on the cabin. we will NOT throw our dogs under the bus (literally). we will not treat them like luggage. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!