Last Chance: Save This Critical Sonoran Desert Wildlife Region

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Please help save an essential and critical regional wildlife linkage in Southern Arizona at Lazy K-Bar Guest Ranch!

THE 138 ACRE ICONIC LANDSCAPE OF LAZY K-BAR CAN BE SAVED BY A SMALL TEAM OF CONSERVATION-MINDED INVESTORS. If you are or know an eco-conscious music/movie/media/investor angel or three who love the desert and would be interested purchasing to protect, please email b.rose@beantreefarm for more information as soon as possible. Time is of the essence as bulldozers are scheduled to roll in early 2019. With your financial support, we're ready to form a conservation group and come forward with a proposal to the developer, the owners, and the town of Marana, where the ranch is located. has notified us they are closing their fundraising platform as of MARCH 1, and recommended moving to Gofundme. Donations and signers on this site will be closed as of that date.

Here is our new site: Save A Critical Regional Wildlife Linkage in AZ

This petition began on in June 2018, currently has over 3,200 signers and has raised over $500 which will go to conservation and education projects with the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection.


Pulte Homes is in final planning stages to develop a 178 home gated community on a rural ranch on the edge of the town of Marana. The proposed development ignores that the the ranch is part of a critical regional wildlife linkage of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, a nationally recognized plan that would allow less than 50 homes on a property of this size.

Several developers have backed out or not been approved to develop the ranch over the last several years, but Marana has cleared the way for Pulte by changing the democratic process to contest the plan.

Lazy K-Bar is one half mile north of Saguaro National Park West in the northern Tucson Mountains, at a key point in the Conservation Plan linkage connecting the Park, the Tucson and Tortolita mountain ranges, and the Santa Cruz River- a vibrant cultural and agricultural region for thousands of years. Pulte's plan to overdevelop this area puts this all at risk.

Pulte's plan includes opening a small scenic dead-end road used by wildlife to construction and development that will bring thousands more vehicles per day; people not looking for desert tortoise, badger, fox and the multitude of animals who cross the road foraging from lowlands to uplands.

As neighbors, we have notified Pulte corporation and the town of Marana of our intention to find a better solution. We have had meetings and requested time to find an eco-conscious buyer. We're determined to gather a group of funders and investors to buy the ranch in order to protect the corridor according to the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan and begin a better planning process. This could mean a smaller "green" residential development that is appropriate in scale and context, a center for environmental education that tells the rich cultural and natural story of this unique place, a combination, or a choice to not develop at all, depending on the mission and vision of the funders and investors, working with the community.

We must protect critical Sonoran Desert lands while allowing our community to grow without destroying the things that make Southern Arizona special — the mountain ranges, riparian areas, habitat that supports abundant wildlife, and places where we can enjoy the solitude of nature. PLEASE HELP US GET THIS DONE!

Sign and share this petition widely with your friends, eco-conscious philanthropists and organizations.

THANKS SO MUCH for any support or connections you can make to save this important part of our Sonoran Desert for future generations!