Petition to the Mayor and/or to Council for action on Councillor Rick Chiarelli.

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Serious allegations have been made concerning Councillor Rick Chiarelli.  To date, thirteen women have stated on the record they have been mistreated by Mr. Chiarelli in the work place. We, the citizens of Ottawa, must support their courage in coming forward.  

We demand better of our elected officials and require a meaningful response by Mr Chiarelli.  His choice to avoid these public accusations and hide from the electorate is unacceptable. Mr. Chiarelli needs to publicly and openly respond to the allegations made against him by his constituents or resign from public office. 

No more delays, no more avoidance.  

Since our ward has not been properly represented in Council over the past months, despite the well intended and appreciated efforts by two other councillors, we need to find a timely and appropriate solution, as this issue is not likely to be resolved soon. There are many issues in our ward that need to addressed in addition to the clarification of the allegations.

The time is now.