Mandatory Microchipping for Pets

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Five years ago I started Help Ottawa Fur Kids because I wanted to help make a difference in our community. I was tired of seeing all the posts about lost and found pets. Now instead of seeing things getting better, it almost seems worse. The OHS currently has 11 pages of spayed/neutered cats plus so many kittens that they are OVER max capacity. 

This is my solution: If the City of Ottawa made it mandatory for pet owners to microchip their pets it would save a lot of time and money. If a lost pet was found and brought to the OHS (or any vet) they would simply scan the animal and see who the pet belonged to and get them back home ASAP. However, in most cases they are not microchipped - so the pet now needs a cage, food, water and care until the owners come forward. The owner only has 3 days to claim their pet otherwise the animal goes up for adoption. Microchipping ensures pet owners are responsible for their pets. Pets are for life!

There are just too many animals in need right now. Please join me and help me make a change! These animals can't ask for help. They need us. 

Micheline Masson
Help Ottawa Fur Kids