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Amend Jim Thorpes Skateboard Ban

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I"m Josh from Onthegrind Association and we are trying to get a solution for the skateboarding ordinance in the borough of Jim Thorpe. While we get the importance of being respectful and the importance of safety of the people in the borough the ordinance set in place in 2010 is bogus. They claim  anyone using a skateboard in the streets, paved parking, and recreation areas owned or maintained by the borough of Jim Thorpe and sidewalks available for use by the public will be fined up to $300 and could possibly face imprisonment for up to 30 days.  They also state its unlawful for any reason to put into motion a skateboard on any public property within the borough as well as place ramps or any type of structure used for skateboarding in a public through fare, street, upon a sidewalk, or municipal parking lot with the borough.  So basically if you are caught anywhere in Jim Thorpe your getting busted. Which is absolutely ridiculous. Skateboards are a means of transportation just as a bike or scooter are but people ride them all over the place in Jim Thorpe. You can rent bikes and segways to ride around on right in downtown Jim Thorpe. Nothing against the bikes or segways but a skateboard is the same thing to many people in the way of transportation.  While we don't want to be aloud to ride where ever we want we want to be able to skate again. The problem with the borough is there is no where for them to go skate so the streets became their skatepark. The mayor himself in 2010 said you got to give these kids somewhere to go you cant just ban skateboarding in the whole borough. Skateboarding is a sport just like all the rest. There is 6 million skateboarders in the world which gross a 4.8 billion dollar market. You would think a town like Jim Thorpe which is a huge tourist town would want a part of that industry. What we are proposing is that the ban be amended for the following things. Skateboards can be used for a mode of transportation and they must follow same laws as a bike would have to yeilding to pedestrians and being respectful of people walking and cars.  No skating in downtown historical Jim Thorpe as to be respectful to the amount of  tourists and citizens and give them somewhere to skate be it a old parking lot or tennis court no one uses.  Our organization helps with these types of problems for somewhere for kids to skate but first the ban must be amended to accomodate the kids living within the borough. In 2010 there may have been a few bad eggs just as there are in any other sport  that may have been disrespectful to the borough for you to have put in place this ordinance but not all skateboarders are bad and the sport has grown so much since then and most skaters are goodhearted and willing to help out their community if given the chance.  Always OntheGrind - Josh 


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