Tell City of Kalamazoo to Reinstate PSO Amir Khillah!

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Kalamazoo’s own friend, brother, mentor, hero cop and family man, Amir Khillah, has been un-justly fired after an internal dispute. Let City Manager Jim Ritsema know that as concerned citizens, we Stand with Amir and sign this petition to reinstate him as a Public Safety Officer in Kalamazoo. We have all seen the numerous posts that’ve been shared today detailing the impact that Amir Khillah has had in our lives, be it in his role as the kind-hearted friend who teaches martial arts and helps keep at-risk youth off the streets, to the dedicated Police Officer you have seen in the news as he rescued a victim from a burning building or got drugs and weapons off the streets while managing to avoid a dangerous escalation with a suspect, to the man who wants to provide for his family and be an honorable role model to his two little boys. When we Imagine Kalamazoo and think of the future of our city, we would envision a safe, thriving community in which we may grow and live. Our friend Amir Khillah is just the dedicated individual with the strength of character and commitment to servitude that Kalamazoo needs and we would be dealt a great loss if he is not able to return to his position and serve his community. He cares about his community and we are uniting to show that we care about him and his family. Please, re-instate PSO Amir Khillah!