Shut Down DC Comic's Blasphemous "Second Coming" Comic

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Take action against the production of "Second Coming".

We, the undersigned, call upon the management of DC Comics to cancel the production and distribution of the comic line "Second Coming".

On March 6, 2019, DC Comics will be releasing the blasphemous "Second Coming" comic line. The comics will center around Jesus Christ as the main character. According to the comic, God the Father was displeased with Jesus Christ's performance on Earth during His First Coming and therefore locked Him away in Heaven. Two thousand years later, Jesus Christ is released and sent by God the Father back to Earth to learn from a "real" hero, Sun-Man. You can read DC Comic's official description here.

According to Fox News, Mark Russell, the comic's author, claims that he is writing this to show how far Christianity has slipped (you can read their article here.) However good his intentions may be, the name and Person of Jesus Christ is to be dealt with in a reverential manner and this comic line is far from reverential.