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Stop Neiman Marcus' Fur Sales and Promotion.

The fur industry is one wrought with cruelty. Every year, thousands of innocent animals are bred and slaughtered -- usually inhumanely -- for the production of luxury items. While our cave-dwelling ancestors may have been limited in their textile options, this is no longer the case; fur is not a necessity but a barbaric indulgence. This year, the Neiman Marcus fall catalog not only featured fur and leather items, but promoted dead-animal materials themselves with phrases such as, "Fur, fur, and more fur! It's a must for your fall wardrobe." The animal-based items in the catalog ranged from the usual high-end offenders like python and lambskin, to disturbing exotics such as a Valentino purse made of antelope and a vest made of coyote fur. With so many attractive, animal-free alternatives on the modern market, to promote such items encourages the perpetuation of unnecessary killing and cruelty. Please sign this petition to be sent in a letter to the President of Specialty Retail at Neiman Marcus to let him know that fashion without compassion is not chic; until Neiman Marcus stops the promotion and sale of fur, we will not support their stores and products.

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