Stop the Car Park on Berkhamsted Moor #SaveOurMoor

Stop the Car Park on Berkhamsted Moor #SaveOurMoor

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Maggie Procopi started this petition to Jim Doyle (Democratic Services, Dacorum Borough Council) and

In the next few weeks, Dacorum Borough Council will spend £100K to build a temporary car park on The Moor at Berkhamsted. This is to provide spaces over the next 12 months for 90 cars whilst a multi-storey car park is built in Lower Kings Road. DBC estimate it will take the Moor 2 years to recover from this use.

The Moor is an inappropriate place for a car park, temporary or otherwise: The Community, Environment, Wildlife, Road Safety, Local Business and Tourism, will be damaged as a result. 

Our objections and suggestions for solutions are below.


Thank You,

Save Our Moor (Berkhamsted) Facebook Group


  • Community: The Moor is a cherished part of Berkhamsted. Locals use it for children’s games and play, fitness sessions, walking, dog training and exercise, picnics, office workers and students take their breaks there.
  • Playground: The recently rebuilt children’s playground will no longer be attractive to children and parents who enjoy it’s quiet and clean setting in the open grassy space. Air Quality will be affected in the area of the car park.
  • Business & Tourism: The Moor is the first impression of visitors arriving by train - the car park will be a disappointing introduction to the town.
  • Access by car to the Moor is extremely difficult: the Junction of Mill Street and Castle Street cannot handle even the current traffic load. Mill Street is also narrow, has speed ramps, and cuts through Berkhamsted School.
  • Danger to school children: Increased traffic will be a danger to the children, during the school day as well as at drop off and pick up times.
  • Environment: DBC estimate it will take 2 years for the Moor to recover to its current level. Berkhamsted Town Council have already pointed out the severe deficit of green public open space in the town.
  • Wildlife: The Moor is bounded two-thirds by water – the Grand Union Canal and the River Bulbourne. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife – foxes, birds (including migratory), fish, and bats are regularly seen there.


Dacorum Borough Council must secure alternative solutions to their stated requirement of 90 additional car parking spaces during the build of the multi-storey in Lower Kings Road.

For example:

  • Business Partnerships: Agree partnerships with businesses and organisations operating in Berkhamsted to release parking spaces for public use. For example, Station Car Park operators, Ashridge Business Centre, Chesham House, Amersham House, St Mary’s Church, Lidl site owners, the private shoppers’ car park in Cowper Road. 
  • Park and Ride: Investigate areas on the outskirts of the town and provide a park and ride service.
  • Public Transport: Invest in better public transport. Instigate a double loop bus service with a tracker app enabled.
  • Encourage residents with parking spaces to offer them online.
0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!